a Wellspring of Yeshuos

ווערן אידן געהאלפן מיט

בני. חיי. ומזוני.

ביים הייליגן
אור אין

Our revered Rebbe, the
Baal Menuchas Asher
of Chenger, ztvk”l

On the 26th day of Shevat 5567 (1807), an elevated neshama illuminated the home of Harav Shmuel Jungreis - Av Beis Din Setche, zy”a.
The child, named Asher Anshel, appeared to hold much promise and it was evident very early on that he would one day illuminate the world.
At the mere age of 13 the Rebbe-to-be, Harav Asher Anshel, travelled to study in large, world renowned yeshivos that were populated by the most brilliant of talmidim.
His first stop was the yeshiva of the gaon and tzaddik
the Maharam Aish zy”a, a renowned talmid of the revered Chasam Sofer zy”a.
Although the Rebbe was a young bar mitzvah bochur at the time, the Maharam Aish’s reverence for his prized talmid is clearly evident in the letters they exchanged over the years.
When the Rebbe was 15 he moved on to study under the renowned gaon, Reb Koppel Charif zy”a.
Although in the company of great intellectuals he became recognized by them all, engaging in many deep Torah discussions with the revered gaon, with unbelievable brilliance and clarity.
Alongside his incredible hasmada that bordered on the unnatural, the Rebbe became known for conducting himself with utmost kedusha.
All of his actions revolved around guarding himself with tremendous kedusha and tahara. Those close to him related how he would fast for three days, after which he would partake of a meal consisting of dry bread.
When he became of age he was chosen as a son-in-law by the big gaon of Almash, Harav Meir Fafer zy”a. The couple resided in Almash, close to his in-laws, where he was able to continue his sacred schedule around the clock.
It wasn’t long before his astonishing piety became known and in year 5594 (1834) he was chosen for the position of Mara d’Asra for the town of Chenger, through the involvement of the holy Chasam Sofer zy”a.
Shortly after becoming the Rav in Chenger his name spread far and wide. Hundreds of Yidden travelled long distances from across Hungary and further afield, to benefit from his divine radiance that illuminated hearts, both physically and spiritually. He continued spreading light to thousands of neshamos in this way for more than 40 years.
While the Rebbe continuously maintained his otherworldly lifestyle he remained unassuming, caring for the physical and spiritual wellbeing of those who came to him, and generating yeshuos in a miraculous way.
At the same time he also busied himself with Yidden of higher stature, revered talmidei chachomim and tzaddikim who came to learn Torah and chassidus with him, the likes of Harav Herzka’le Ratzferter zt”l, the holy Undsdorfer Rav zt”l, among many others.
The Baal Shoel u’Meishiv zt”l wrote about him using impressive appellations, and he would ask the Rebbe to have him in mind, providing his full name followed by his mother’s name.
The holy Baal Maglei Tzedek of Dej zt”l wrote: “His teshuvos are pure and unblemished.”
Harav Reb Shmelke Selisher zt”l wrote: “In pilpul he’s like Reb Yonasan in our times.”
Likewise, he enjoyed tremendous respect from all of the tzaddikim of his generation.
The holy Reb
Mendel of Dej zy”a
sent his son Harav Moshe zt”l to
him for a bracha for children.
The holy Reb
Meir’l of
Premishlan zy”a
“I can see in heaven that the Chenger Rav can daven.”
The holy
Yetev Lev zy”a
“Go to Chenger, the miracle worker of our times.
That’s where you’ll merit salvation.”
The holy Chasam
Sofer zy”a
bestowed him with the power to give brachos:
He should be able to generate for
Yidden yeshuos and refuos.”
The Exceptional


The holy resting place has been beautifully renovated after a long drawn out process.

The holy resting place of the righteous tzaddik, the Baal Menuchas Osher ztvk”l, was a focal point of tefillah for Yidden from all over, who came to pour out their pained hearts and garner hashpa’os.

Unfortunately, the Second World War destroyed parts of Europe, transforming large bustling areas into derelict wasteland. This holy beis hachaim, that had been a source of inspiration for so many years, now lay desolate, with layers upon layers of wild shrubbery and mold growing rampantly.

At some point ownership of the beis hachaim fell into secular hands, and it was later sold to non- Jews, with a stipulation that Yidden should be granted entry.

The Yidden who managed to make their way to the tzion well remember how they had to pass through the home of a non-Jewish women with a wild dog. This, understandably, complicated access and made it difficult for them to reach this place renowned for yeshuos and refuos.

It’s impossible to describe the state in which Yidden found the beis hachaim after it lay forlorn for so many years. The ohel itself had almost completely caved in, matzeivos were lined up on the ground haphazardly, and there were no provisions to protect oneself from the cold or rain.

Approximately 20 years ago, grandchildren of the Rebbe threw themselves into the project, going to great lengths to renovate the entire beis hachaim. We purchased the fields nearby and renovated the fences all around for increased protection.

Upon transfer of ownership we right away began to reinstate the matzeivos and cement the paths. Then, with a sense of awe and respect, we entered the hallowed tzion, the resting place of the holy Rebbe ztvk”l.

Upon entry, we right away saw that the ohel was at the verge of collapse and with the help of several generous benefactors—who’ve made it possible for thousands of Yidden to daven and elicit yeshuos once more—we rebuilt it into a beautiful sturdy structure in just 3 short months.

In particular, superhuman efforts were involved in purchasing the entrance to the beis hachaim from the non-Jewish owners, for ease of access to the tzion. After many many years the moment finally arrived and Yidden are now able to daven at the tzion without the many disturbances that troubled visitors in the past.

The Wondrous Siddur

A oone-of-a-kind magnificent building, beis hamedrash and hachnosas orchim is now being built in Chenger, Hungary!

Tzion Information

The town of Csenger is located in Hungary, 25 minutes away from Satmar (Romania), one hour from Kalev, 2 hours from Sighet, 2 hours from Ujhel, 2.5 hours from Kerestir, and 3 hours from the capital city of Budapest.

59 Ady Endre Utca,
Csenger, Hungary (temporary address)
45 Ady Endre Utca,
Csenger, Hungary
for a
For the ohel $100
For the ohel $500
For the ohel $1,800
For the heating/air
For the heating/air
For the heating/air
Maintenance & Security $500
Maintenance & Security $2,000
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The zechus of the Chengerer Rebbes ztvk”l will surely protect you and inspire a wellspring of everlasting hashpa’os!

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