has already astounded thousands with yeshuos and refuos that raise brows—breathtaking tales of miracles that unfold daily—while the beneficiaries pinch themselves to confirm that their experiences are real and not a figment of their imagination. The committee involved in placing kvittlech into the siddur repeatedly receive emotional calls from Yidden who are left open-mouthed at the unexpected salvation that came their way in a most unnatural way. Many cholim found their way back to health, after their poor prognosis disappeared in the wind. Complicated legal cases pending lengthy prison sentences, were suddenly reversed without any logical explanation. Long painful years of childlessness suddenly came to an end with happy news.
Older singles found their bashert, and so on and so forth, each one with their wondrous tale of salvation. The holy Chengerer siddur dates back to the times of the Rebbe, who received it from the holy tzaddik Reb Meir of Premishlan zy”a. Reb Meir’l, who testified

upon the Rebbe’s unusual koach ha’tefilla, was inspired to gift him with this very special siddur Ari, which he specifically commissioned from a sofer, a genuine yirei Shamayim. The Rebbe zy”a routinely soaked its pages with his heartfelt tefillos. For many years the siddur was carefully stored among the sacred archives of Hagaon Hatzaddik Av Beis Din Diermat zt”l, the Baal Shaalos u’Teshuvos Maharshada. After his passing it came into the ownership of his descendants, who are ensuring its safekeeping. The siddur miraculously outlived the difficult world wars, and is now in the possession of the Vaad Hachnosas Orchim of Chenger, that devotedly inserts kvittlech within its pages for the many Yidden wishing to benefit from its wondrous powers. The immense kedusha and potential of the siddur was revealed by tzaddikim throughout the generations, with gedolei Yisroel and ehrliche Yidden still utilizing its powers today. The holy Ribnitzer Rebbe ztvk”l used the siddur many times and he thereby generated caseloads of yeshuos for desperate Yidden.

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